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Marion Burgheimer – Intercultural Trainer

My name is Marion Burgheimer, and I'm an Intercultural trainer and a certified group facilitator, with an MA (masters degree) in political science with honors from Tel Aviv University. I have substantial experience in guiding and in group facilitation in Hebrew, French and English, in the business sector (list of clients) as well as in the organizational and educational sector

I have more then eight years of corporate work experience as information professional in an Israeli pharmaceutical company that was M&A with an American company

At the end of my bachelor degree, I received a scholarship and studied for a short while in Belgium, where I experienced from first hand, the meaning of life in a different culture

I Grew up in a multi- language home, where six languages were spoken often, and it stimulated my awareness from early childhood, to the relationship between language and culture

Since 2009, I have written more than 50 posts/articles in Hebrew in this blog-site on intercultural and relocation issues. In addition I Contributed a chapter (a dialog) about: 'intercultural communication in international business', to the book "How to Manage in English" by Laurie Oberman

All this experience serves me in conducting intercultural workshops for international companies in Israel and abroad

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