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Intercultural Workshops – English

Conducting business internationally is an interesting and stimulating experience due to the vast range of opportunities for marketing expansion and growth of revenues. However parallel to the potential, working internationally can raise questions or cause dilemmas regarding, for example, the most effective communication style, the different approaches towards problem solving, or the preferred building relationship process among managers, employees, clients, suppliers and team members

The objectives of the intercultural workshops and lectures are to acquire intercultural competencies and to acquire new knowledge and gain insights, about different modes of communication and cultural cues. By doing so, the workshops aim to support managers and employees in their daily tasks when working with counterparts from different cultures

The objectives of the relocation workshops are to prepare expatriates and their families for overseas assignments (relocation) to and from Israel. In addition there is a workshop about repatriation to Israel

Global Cross Cultural approach is the leading concept of the workshops: Presentation and analysis of different intercultural behaviors from around the world

The customized interactive workshops include analysis of case studies, dialogues, simulations and movies. Before each workshop a need analysis is conducted in order to learn clients' specific needs. The workshops can be conducted in Hebrew, French and English and the length of the workshops varies between one hour and a half to a one day

Marion Burgheimer is the intercultural trainer who designs and facilitates the workshops. To read more about her, please press here

The workshops and lectures provide solutions in the following fields

The workshops, lectures and one-on-one sessions, can be conducted face to face or via teleconference and Skype

   Enhancing intercultural awareness

Coping with intercultural differences at work – The leading concept of this workshop is global cross cultural approach. During this workshop the participants practice, discuss and learn about many ways of thinking, communication and behaviors of people from around the world. As a result they gain insight and acquire intercultural skills that will enable them to work more effectively with their colleagues, clients and suppliers worldwide

      Coping with cultural diversity– Develop tools for international teams to view cultural diversity as an advantage for business advancement

     Relocation workshops– to and from Israel: coping with cultural transition for the expatriate and his family (spouse and children), culture shock, daily living in Israel, and more

      Israeli business culture workshop: examination of Israeli core cultural values, its' history and society, and their influence on daily conduct of Israelis at work. In addition words in Hebrew (greetings, introduction, typical expressions and idioms), can be presented and practiced during the workshop

 French business culture workshop: examination of French core cultural values and their implications on the daily life at work

     Intercultural service workshop: The workshop conducted in co-operation with Liat Inbar, an organizational consultant with expertise in customer service and sales

     Workshops for Olim (new comers to Israel) who make their Aliyah to Israel: the emotional and social aspects of their cultural transition, Hebrew language as a second language and daily life in Israel

       Virtual team workshops

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