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Using Army Recruitment Ads to Develop Cross-Cultural Skills 18/08/2013

Posted by Marion Burgheimer in Uncategorized.

לפני כמה שנים פרסמתי כאן פוסט על השפעת תרבות על עיצוב מודעות דרושים.
Dianne Hofner Saphiere the founder of Cultural Detective
יצרה מהפוסט והפרסומות, כולן פרסומות לגיוס לצבאות בעולם, משחק שמאפשר ללמוד על תרבויות ומאפיינים בין תרבותיים
אני ממליצה לקרוא, וכמובן לשחק וללמוד בצורה חוויתית.
תודה רבה דיאנה.

Cultural Detective Blog

Terracotta ArmyLooking for exercises and activities for practicing cross-cultural skills? We at Cultural Detective emphasize that intercultural competence takes practice, is a practice, and cross-training with alternative approaches can help develop strong skills. Here is an approach that I personally never would have thought of, but it is really powerful!

Marion Burgheimer, a very active contributor to our Cultural Detective community, recently shared with us a selection of army recruitment ads from around the world. "Army recruitment ads?!" was my initial thought. I've used advertising clips, movie clips, but I for one never would have thought of this approach. Yet, Marion is based in Israel, and for me it makes perfect sense that this approach would be born from that experience. Take a look at the ads and you'll see what I mean. The differences are astounding.

Marion tells us these ads are terrific tools for learning the skills for discerning…

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